Reflections: Re-Defining Self

March 14, 2020
1–4 p.m.

Reflections: Re-Defining Self
Artise Fletcher

Contemporary African artists often create works that reveal their thoughts and beliefs about the economic, political, and environmental climate from which they come. In a world that dictates social norms of beauty and acceptance which influence perceptions and challenge reality, participants will

  • imagine hair as an accessory, not a necessity, where hair is seen as a material and used like an object, and then create an accessory or object using the provided material.
  • explore their personal thoughts and define who they are through words and imagery in a creative poetic composition.

Inspired by the exhibitions I Am . . . Contemporary Women Artists of Africa and Heroes: Principles of African Greatness; tours of both exhibitions will be offered.

Presented in celebration of Women’s History Month
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